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Taian shun tong oil chemical co., LTD

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The phone:0538-5578095



   Taian shun tong oil chemical industry co., LTD. Is located at the foot of mount tai,The beautiful scenery;Close to Shanghai and Beijing、Beijing-fuzhou expressway、The beijing-shanghai high-speed railway transportation is very convenient。
   Taian shun tong oil chemical industry co., LTD. The main business:Anti-friction、SMWMethodHSteel foundation piles anti-friction、HSteel anti-friction、Steel anti-friction、Hemp rope core grease、Wire surface lipid、Wire rope grease、Foundation pile type antifriction agent anti-friction grease series products。Companies pay attention to science and technology into full play,Dedicated to the development of new products,For the social from all walks of life to provide various types of anti-friction。According to user's special requirements and formulation and production related products。Welcome users to factory orders,Period,Do STH for sb the train、Motor transport。……In more detail

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